ReelWorld + iHeartRadio

With over 860 live broadcast radio stations in 160 markets across America, and 160+ million registered users listening across 250 platforms on more than 2,000 different devices, iHeartRadio needed a cohesive brand sound.

ReelWorld developed a diverse suite of custom music, sings and sonic logo textures that unifies the entire iHeartRadio brand under a single memorable audio identity.

The iHeartRadio sonic identity is a unique, memorable and instantly recognizable way to unify the brand across its platforms, devices and millions of users. This simple 5-note melody and its multi-genre suite of musical workparts provides immediate brand recognition for America’s #1 audio company.

Chris Williams
GM & Chief Product Officer
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Project Overview

Thousands of audio components, anchored to the 5-note iHeartRadio sonic logo, spanning dozens of musical genres and a wide variety of vocal styles.


The 5-note iHeartRadio sonic logo paired with artist-level musical compositions and vocals create a singular and unmistakable brand identity.


High-impact, high-energy production across a wide variety of genres and styles allows the brand to stand out in any setting.


A vast array of audio workparts and brand components provide maximum flexibility and longevity.


A unified branding solution for on air, online, digital, social, event and marketing needs.

Creating Connection

Whether streaming live radio, podcasts, music playlists or personalized artist radio stations, the iHeartRadio audience is connected to the brand like never before.

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